A collaboration with Yana Wernicke.

The botanist, colonial officer and collector Georg August Zenker, who was living in the colony of the German Empire ”Kamerun“ at the turn of the 20th century, sent countless botanical, zoological and ethnographic items to museums in Berlin. In their collaborative photography project Yana Wernicke and Jonas Feige address the history and repercussions of his life.

The two photographers repeatedly travelled to today’s republic of Cameroon to portray Zenker’s descendants who still live in his house in the remote settlement of Bipindi today.

With their project Yana Wernicke and Jonas Feige tell the story of the Zenker family, who today live with the difficulty of reconciling their German and Cameroonian identities. The photographers aim to draw attention to the still palpable repercussions of German colonialism and to the tensions and contradictions that arise when dealing with colonial heritage.